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General Terms and Conditions

Version 2019/09/04

These general terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as GTC, regulate the use of the website, services and applications of the REVONEER GmbH, hereinafter referred to as REVONEER. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the GTC of REVONEER, please send an e-mail to kfz-gutachten@revoneer.com.

From the moment of transmission of data, all information transmitted by e-mail, orally or in any other form is subject to secrecy in accordance with § 3. Even after termination of a contractual relationship, the unlimited obligation of secrecy applies to all contracting parties.

Data protection
Please read the Privacy Policy, which additionally applies and is binding for the use of the REVONEER website and platform. Further details on data protection are described in section § 4 (transfer of image rights).

§ 1 Scope

1. The REVONEER GmbH offers the possibility of a contact inquiry with the corresponding contact persons via the internet page of the business unit REVONEER Car Experts. Furthermore, relevant information is made available for interested parties.

2. Verbal additional agreements do not exist. Changes in the GTC require the written form.

3. The REVONEER GmbH reserves the right to change these GTC at any time. If the GTC are changed, REVONEER is not obliged to explicitly inform the users of the website about the change.

§ 2 Data Transfer

1. When assigning REVONEER with a project, the customer is obliged to provide requested data in a proper and truthful manner. Therefore, REVONEER reserves the right to make the acceptance of the order in individual cases dependent on whether proof of the correctness of the given data is provided. If REVONEER is unable to contact a customer, partner or interested party due to a failure to make the necessary changes to data (contact details), REVONEER does not take over any responsibility.

2. Customers, partners and interested parties can request the deletion of personal data at any time by writing to REVONEER. REVONEER commits itself to a prompt deletion of the data after the deletion was requested. All information and data, which are subject to the legal obligation to keep records (e.g. credit notes and invoices), will only be deleted after expiry of the relevant retention period. All other data are deleted when a deletion of data is requested.

§ 3 Secrecy

1. With the transmission of data the secrecy for customers, partners and interested parties applies. This means that even before the start of order processing, the information provided is subject to secrecy. This also applies to written, oral or otherwise accessible information and extends to internal information of REVONEER as well as to all data provided by partners.

2. Customers, partners and interested parties agree with the transmission of data to third parties if this is necessary for the order processing.

3. The secrecy also applies to cooperation partners as soon as they conclude a legally valid contract with REVONEER.

4. The secrecy is valid for an unlimited period.

5. Information which must be treated confidentially:
I. Internal processes and conditions
II. The operational facilities or project environment and the persons, materials, software and hardware located there
III. Technical and economic matters
IV. Customers of REVONEER

6. All information subject to data protection must be protected from access by third parties and must only be used for the purpose of providing the service.

7. A complete protection of the data from the access of third parties cannot be guaranteed. An intentional transmission of data does not take place. REVONEER points out that security gaps can occur during data transmission, e.g. by e-mail.

§ 4 Transfer of image rights

1. With the participation in an event of REVONEER, the USER agrees automatically to the publication of images or video material of himself which will be generated during the event. REVONEER reserves the right to use the material for flyers, posters, Facebook or other marketing and press material (in print publications as well as in electronic form). The USER explicitly agrees to this with their participation and renounces any honorarium or rights. Such an event must clearly be marked as such by REVONEER. The use of names is only permitted with the explicit consent of the USER.

2. REVONEER is obliged not to use any image or video material in a manner which is harmful to the USER or assists the purpose of illegal or punishable acts.

3. Images are not used for resale. There are no restrictions on the temporal, spatial or content-related use.

4. Objections to the use of images must be submitted by the USER in writing (e.g. via e-Mail to info@revoneer.com). This must be done at least 24 hours before the official start of an event, otherwise a consent to the use of the image and video material is assumed.

§ 5 Liability for content and links

1. The content of the website and platform of REVONEER has been created with the greatest thoroughness. However, no guarantee is given for the correctness, topicality and completeness of the content. If REVONEER is informed of a concrete infringement of the law by means of content on the website, REVONEER is oblidged to remove it immediately.

2. There may be links to external websites of third parties on the website and platform of REVONEER. The respective provider or operator is responsible for the content of the linked pages. At the time of linking, linked pages are checked for unlawful content; no further checks are carried out. If REVONEER is informed about illegal content of linked pages, the links will be removed immediately.

§ 6 Copyright

1. All content and work of the website and platform which has been created by REVONEER are subject to German copyright law. Reproduction, processing, distribution and utilization of the content is not permitted without the explicit approval of REVONEER. Downloads and copies of the site are only permitted for private, non-commercial use.

2. The copyrights of third parties have been respected in the creation of the content. In particular, content of third parties is marked as such. If copyright infringements are found, please notify REVONEER. REVONEER will promptly delete the content after becoming aware of such copyright infringement.

§ 7 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

1. Contractual relations between REVONEER and USERS as well as COOPERATION PARTNERS are based on the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Exceptions are all compulsory consumer protection regulations in the country in which the COOPERATION PARTNER states his official location.

2. For all disputes arising from the contractual relationship between USER and REVONEER as well as COOPERATION PARTNERS and REVONEER the place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of REVONEER.

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