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If you are the accident victim, simply come to us or we will come to you. As a qualified car expert and official expert office in Munich, we will professionally determine the exact extent of damage to your vehicle. This often includes not only the obviously recognizable damage, but also damage that is not visible at first sight. Our damage assessment will be the basis for your liability claim plus calculated further expenses such as rental cars etc. You can claim this amount from the opposing insurance company. It is usually advisable to do this with the help of a specialized lawyer. We are happy to help you with this, too. But the most important thing is that there will be minimal effort for you. And there are NO costs for you. We will be there for you as soon as possible after you contacted us and we guarantee that you will receive the accident report one day after your appointment with us. In addition, we offer you a whole range of further services in the field of vehicle management and assessment.

Assessment and accident

Not all vehicle assessments are the same. We pay attention to maximum reliability and transparency in all our activities. Excessive sums of money or assessments based on the interest of the client often turn out to be a boomerang afterwards and cause trouble.

Our assessments are based on well-founded data and therefore always pass detailed inspections. This means that calculations and expectations derived from our assessments are also realistic.

Because we want you to be able to rely on our work.

Assessment and accident - REVONEER Car Experts Munich

Damage reports and accident reports for liability and comprehensive insurance claims

In the case of accidents in which you are the injured party, you are generally entitled to compensation for the damage. In order to determine the damage accurately and realistically, we prepare professional expert reports which serve as a basis for the compensation claim for the insurance company.

Determination of residual vehicle value, current value and loss of value

Every damage or accident does not only have a visual or functional aspect, but also financial consequences. What is the extent of damage? How high is the loss in value? What does this mean for the resale? We determine very precisely and comprehensible the expenses and quantify the damage. If you would like to know the value of your car in addition, we will determine the value for you just as precisely.

Vehicle valuation for purchase and sale

Do you know how much your car is worth? No? Then just come to us - we can tell it to you precisely. We take into account not only the year of construction and mileage, but also all other factors: Equipment, condition, possible (pre-)damage as well as demand and supply.
If you would like to know whether the price for a vehicle is appropriate, we will also give you a detailed answer. Then you can be sure not to pay more than necessary when buying a car.

Review of reports and cost calculations

Calculations and expert opinions are often difficult for laypersons to understand and therefore even more difficult to judge. We can tell you very quickly and reliably whether the items, work and sums listed are serious and comprehensible or whether you can and should make a complaint. In this case we will provide you with good arguments and reliable facts.

Qualified classic car reports

Perhaps you have heard about it: Old and older cars are increasingly becoming lucrative investment objects. With good reason, because certain models increase in value with age.
In order to determine the car value, it is not enough to look up in tables. Oldtimers, just like youngtimers, are mostly collector´s items, whose value depends on many individual factors. We determine an exact market value and value your vehicle professionally. Our reports also help if you want to buy a classic car and want to be sure of its value.

REVONEER Car Experts is official partner of classic-analytics partner
In Munich and the surrounding area, we are happy to come to your premises as car experts for the assessment.

Simply make an appointment at short notice.

+49 89 / 208049-690

Fleet management

Fleet management

Fairness and transparency are also the focus when it comes to your fleet management. Our motto: The less effort you have, the better.
We offer you a whole range of services to ensure that your fleet runs smoothly everyday:

  • Damage assessment with free on-site service
  • Free technical advice on all aspects of the vehicle pool
  • Short-term and flexible appointment arrangement
  • Assistance with claim management
  • Support from a personal contact person

  • Monitoring of repair orders
  • Screening and selection of specialist workshops
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Support with legal questions in cases of damage

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