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You have the right to an independent vehicle damage assessment!

In the case of a motor vehicle liability claim in which you are the injured party, you have the right to appoint a free and independent motor vehicle expert. The injured party should always report the damage immediately to the opposing insurance company. The opposing insurance company needs an expert assessment of the vehicle in order to be able to estimate the cost of damage based on a professional report. This report should be created by an independent expert like REVONEER Car Experts. In this case, the costs of the expert assessment have to be paid by the opposing insurance company anyway. In order to keep the costs for the repair of the vehicle low, many insurance companies try to create their own assessment reports. However, since you have the right to an independent vehicle assessment, it is not recommended to choose an expert from the opposing insurance company for the vehicle assessment.

→ Report the damage quickly to the other party's insurance company
→ Choose REVONEER Car Experts Munich for an independent report
→ Costs MUST be covered by the opposing insurance company

What is a liability damage?

Motor vehicle liability insurance covers personal injury, property damage and financial losses that result to others if you cause an accident with your car. Such an insurance is required by law for every vehicle. After a car accident, in which you are the victim, it is important to take the right steps immediately after the accident. With REVONEER as a motor vehicle expert office you will be supported and advised competently in case of an accident in and around Munich. In order to report the accident damage correctly, you need a report from a qualified motor vehicle expert and assessor. Should legal assistance be necessary in your case, we will gladly place you to one of our competent lawyer´s offices.
Full and partial coverage insurance: In case of damage caused by yourself, you will only be reimbursed for the damage to your vehicle if you have a full coverage insurance. In case of damage to the car caused by external influences such as hail damage, storm damage or damage caused by animals, the partial coverage insurance will cover the damage. In both cases, you should talk to your insurance company before contacting a free and independent expert, as the terms of contract may include that the insurance company reserves the right to choose an in-house expert.

→ Liability insurance covers the damage caused to others
→ Full coverage insurance covers damage to your own car
→ Partial coverage insurance covers damage caused by theft, storm or accidents involving a game animal
→ In the case of liability claims, you can always choose an external motor vehicle expert
→ Independent of the type of insurance, you should talk to your insurance company before you authorize an independent assessment expert

Who pays the costs for the accident damage and for the expert report?

An expert is usually consulted if the accident was not caused by oneself. In this case § 249 BGB becomes effective. The opponent or his insurer must bear all costs caused by the accident. The costs include the restoration of the condition of the vehicle before the accident happend. The costs for a free and independent expert must therefore also be payed by the opponent. It is important to get the professional opinion of REVONEER which cannot be contested by the court. Our experts are trained accordingly and prepared for the case of a legal proceeding. If you are the injured party and your vehicle is no longer roadworthy, you are partly entitled to get a replacement car or to get compensation for the loss of use. Please inform yourself about the regulations of the insurance concerned.

→ As the injured party, you will incur NO costs - neither for an expert report nor a lawyer
→ The opposing party's insurance will also pay for expenses such as replacement cars
→ Our reports withstand strict scrutiny by insurance companies and the court

How do you get your money from the insurance company?

1. Contact REVONEER Car Experts and make an appointment
2. Our expert assesses the damage on side (in Munich and surroundings)
3. A professional report will be prepared afterwards
4. The expert then contacts the insurance company of the opponent and forwards the expert opinion
5. After the insurance company has reviewed the expert report, the injured party can decide whether he wants to have the damage repaired by a garage or whether he wants to have the amount of compensation paid out.

→ Generally, you as the injured party are entitled to reimbursement of the entire damage and expenses
→ The expert report assesses the extent of damage
→ We submit the damage report to the opposing insurance company, possibly with the help of a lawyer

How does an economic total loss differ from a real total loss?

If the damage to the vehicle is so extensive that the calculated costs for repair are higher than the replacement value, then it is a real total loss. If there is an economic total loss, then the repair costs are higher than the difference between replacement value and residual value.

What does the insurance pay in the case of an economic total loss?

The economic total loss is in most cases more unpleasant for the injured party. In this case, the opposing liability insurance only pays the current market value of the car and rarely the replacement value. The current market value is understood to be the acquisition value of an equivalent vehicle of the same age on the day of the accident. Due to the strong loss in value of the vehicle after registration, the current market value does not correspond to the new price of the vehicle.

What does the depreciation of your vehicle mean?

After the repair of a damaged motor vehicle it is an accident vehicle. On the second-hand car market, the vehicle is no longer worth as much as it was before the accident. This reduction in value is precisely listed by an expert in the report. However, not all accident damages lead to a decrease in value. If an accident only results in damage to the bodywork or damage to attachments that can be easily completely repaired, no reduction in value can be claimed.

→ Accidental damage can reduce the value of your vehicle even after repair
→ Our expert reports take this fact into account and are incorporated into your claim

What is the replacement value and how is it determined?

In the case of an insured total loss, the corresponding insurance company will reimburse you as the injured party for the amount you have to spend to buy an equivalent car as a replacement. This amount is called the replacement value. The value that your damaged vehicle still has even with total loss is called residual value. This is deducted from the replacement value - as is any excess. This results in the payout amount. The replacement value depends on the market situation and the age of the vehicle. For vehicles less than one year old, the original manufacturer's price is usually refunded. For older vehicles, the price level on the used car market for comparable or identical vehicles (model, age, equipment, mileage etc.) counts. Due to regional price differences, the corresponding values can vary from region to region. Detailed research is necessary for this.

→ The replacement value comes into play in the event of total loss
→ The calculation is the following: Replacement value - residual value - possible excess = payout amount
→ Pay special attention to your insurance conditions in case of loss

What is the residual value and how is it determined?

The residual value in the calculation of the replacement value is the amount of money you would still get when selling the car on the free market despite damage. The residual value is then deducted from the replacement value, which results in the payout amount.

What does economic total loss mean?

If the calculated payout amount is less than the estimated repair costs, there is an economic total loss. This means that the calculated cost of repair is higher than the residual value of the car. This can be the case especially with older vehicles (except classic cars). In this case, you as the accident victim receive the replacement value. Economic total loss therefore does not mean that your vehicle has a total loss or is not roadworthy. This term merely describes the cost situation and offsets repair and vehicle value. You are free to decide whether and how you still repair your vehicle.

→ An economic total loss is not a technical total loss
→ It means that the calculated repair costs are higher than the value of the vehicle

What is the 130-percentage-rule and when is it useful?

The so-called 130-percentage-rule can be applied to economic total losses. Meaning when the repair costs are likely to be higher than the value of your vehicle. In the case that the calculated repair costs amount to a maximum of 130 percentage of the replacement value, the injured party can demand from the opposing insurance company that not an economic total loss is stated (in which only the replacement value is paid out). Instead, one can insist that the 130-percentage-rule be applied. In this case, the insurance also covers repair costs that are up to 130 percentage above the replacement value. A prerequisite for this is that the vehicle is actually repaired completely and professionally with new parts. Furthermore, the vehicle must be insured and used for at least 6 months afterwards.

→ The 130-percentage-rule can be applied in the event of a economic total loss
→ For this purpose the vehicle must be repaired professionally and then used for at least 6 months
→ The repair sum must not exceed 130 percentage of the replacement value

What is a minor loss?

Minor damage is defined as smaller damage in which only the sheet metal or paint has been damaged. This includes scratches, dents and scrapes on the vehicle. For a minor damage the repair costs should not exceed 750 €. Insurance companies often offer a less complicated and faster processing for minor damages.

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