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About us

About us

Knowledge and ability

We are honest: Strictly speaking, Munich does not need any more motor vehicle experts and assessors. We were aware of this when we developed this business area in the REVONEER group. But Munich and its surrounding area can definitely benefit from expert and assessment services that are more and can do more than the usual standard.

Thus, the team around Dominik Blendl has not only the qualification as a Mechanic Master and Master of Engineering, but also experience in claim processing with insurance companies. We know first-hand what insurance companies accept and what they do not accept - and you benefit from this.

We convince you with the friendliness and service mentality of our team. We do not bombard you with technical terms and do not find your questions superfluous. On the contrary, we are happy to explain everything to you in detail and help you with all questions concerning accidents, vehicle evaluation, procedures and much more. We are happy to provide you with information and explain the context. Because for us it is all about you benefiting from our skills and know-how.

Dominik Blendl / Mechanic Master & Master of Engineering

Dominik Blendl

Mechanic Master & Master of Engineering

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